Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nutritarianism with a Busy Schedule

It has been a few days since I last posted due to a very busy schedule with work. I thought I would take the opportunity to address the question of how to follow a nutritarian diet with a busy schedule. One thing that my wife and I learned when we started down this road is that a diet like this requires a lot more time in the kitchen. At least, it can. However, with a little planning and some good tools, you can really make it work. As of late, though, I have been eating out in combination with my prepared meals due to  the demands of my job. As a community-based therapist, I am often on the run during meal times. To help with this issue, I have a medium sized soft cooler in which my lunch meal, and sometimes a snack, is stored. Usually I pack a large salad covered with mushrooms, bell pepper, raw sunflower seeds, tomato, ground flax seeds, and any other vegetable that I desire. I use a variety of vinegars or other homemade dressings most of the time. I also usually have an apple, pear, banana, or other type of fruit stashed in there. I keep a bag of raw mixed nuts in my desk drawer at work, which also helps stave off hunger pangs during the day. 

Some days, though, I just simply run out of time. Rather than going hungry, which I could argue is worse  (sometimes) than skipping a meal, I will choose a meal at a restaurant that is mostly nutritarian. For instance, at Subway, I might choose a veggie sub on flat bread with no cheese, no mayo, and loaded with vegetables. I try to stay away from any animal products, and I use the flat bread to reduce the carbs and other less healthy ingredients in the bread. I also might eat similar options at places like Moes. The trick is to remember the principles of the diet, which you can read about in Eat to Live, and make the wisest decisions when options are limited. The best option of all, though, is good planning which allows you full control of your diet when your meals are prepared at home. In a future post, I'll share some of the tips and tools that I use in the kitchen to make nutritarian cooking a little easier, especially for the busy beginners like me. 

What do you find to be the biggest obstacle to healthy eating?


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