Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nutritarian Diet Update

Dear readers, it seems that the day got away from me so I'll make this post short(er). Today I had intended to give an overview of my kitchen tools, but I'll get to that soon, perhaps when time isn't so short. Before I post my update below, I'd like to give a little perspective on what my day looks like. Hopefully this will give you an idea of why my daily habits (should they come up in discussion) might seem unusual to some of you.

As a community based therapist, I don't always have the luxury of eating full meals at normal meal times. I do try to limit my snacking during the day, but sometimes that's not possible given the demands of my job. I often work late hours, and sometimes have to eat while I'm on the road. It would not be unusual for you to see me in a grocery store parking lot scarfing down a salad (that I packed at home) some days. Today was one of those days. So, here is my update for today:

  1. Weight: 165.4 lbs.
  2. Current Symptoms: I've noticed a small, itchy rash developing on my arms and stomach. This is nearly exactly the same thing that happened to me a few years back when I was previously on the Remicade. This is most likely a reaction to that medication. It's not a big deal...just mildly irritating. 
  3. Energy Level: Pretty high. I've been able to function well during the entire day.
  4. Exercise: Normal. No specific exercise outside of my normal daily routine, which includes walking, a few hours behind a desk, a couple of hours of driving, and session activities that require minimal physical activity.
  5. Supplements: Dr. Furhman's Men's Daily Formula +D3
  6. Sleep: Very adequate; restful; 8.5 hours
  7. Medications: Remicade infusion, last administered 11/30/12.
  8. Meals:
    1. Breakfast: A handful of red seedless grapes, two clementines, decaf organic Earl Grey tea
    2. Lunch: Large spring mix salad; 1 cup or so of vegan broccoli salad with this recipe (with a few modifications)
    3. Moe's Joey combo with all vegetables, tofu, no cheese, no meat. This is probably the most processed meal I eat out when I do restaurant food. Unsweetened tea to drink. This meal may not be the best in terms of nutrition, but it's far better than many other options and does follow most of my dietary guidelines. 
What did you eat today?


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