Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Symptom Tracking and Nutritarianism

I'll be short with my update today, friends. Work has kept me busy and I'm taking a short break between tasks to bring you this update. My meals today were great so I'll share that information below. Also, the reaction to my Remicade continues. I can't seem to get these hives to go away right now, so I have called the doctor to see what he suggests. I am doubtful that much can be done given that this is a reaction to an IV drug that remains in my system. I think that this issue is occurring independently from my diet due to the residual medications in my body. In any case, here is an update on the information I'm tracking:

  • Weight: 163.7 - down some. My return to veganism has resulted in lowered weight, which is within the healthy range. Truthfully, I could probably lose another 10 lbs or so before it would become an issue or be considered a symptom of Crohn's as opposed to the result of dietary changes and exercise.
  • Current Symptoms: Hives-like rash on arms, legs, small of back - really annoying
  • Energy Level: Good - sufficient to carry me through my long work day.
  • Exercise: Average with lots of work related walking.
  • Supplements: Dr. Fuhrman's Men's Daily
  • Sleep: 8+ hours
  • Medications: Remicade (Crohn's Disease); Allegra (hives)
  • Meals: For breakfast I had a banana and some organic decaf coffee. Nothing too exciting. For lunch, I had a veggie wrap with hummus and some veggie sushi with brown rice from Trader Joes (excellent). Dinner consisted of steamed baby broccoli, organic and unrefined basamati rice, and a pan seared mix of asparagus with mushrooms and onions, seasoned with Mrs. Dash. I drank this green tea. 
What did you eat today?


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